Of all forming manufacturing processes in the foundry the casting process is the most versatile with regard to freedom of design.

When lost moulds are used in the process, a clay-bonded moulding material is used in most cases.

Clay-bonded moulding material is recirculated in the process and requires a reconditioning technology by which the moulding material is cooled-down and moisturised after shake-out and the used-up constituents are replaced in a manner that a moulding material of high homogeneity for the production of new moulds is obtained.

Sensor Control is providing in this field various systems which, based on decades of experience, cover all stages of the reconditioning of clay-bonded moulding materials from shake-out to the moulding machine and which, due to the modular design, can be integrated into any type of sand preparation plant regardless of the mechanical set-up.

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