Optical Sensor Systems

UR 5500
UR 6000

We are manufacturers of optical sensor systems measuring the material moisture with light from the near-infrared range (NIR) contactless in a large number of products.

The speed of the measurement and the accuracy, but also the easy integration into internal workflow, are advantageous compared with other measuring methods.

materialfeuchtemessung optischer sensor UR6000-LED | Optical Sensor Systems
materialfeuchtemessung optischer sensor UR5500-LED | Optical Sensor Systems

There are several designs available, depending on application. As the standard version, the sensor is installed above the conveyor belt, fitted with fibre optics, the sensor can be employed in ATEX zones with unfavourable ambient conditions or where space is confined.

There is also a version available with a fibre-optical sensor, which is installed to containers as in-line solution for powder, contacting the product, and which can be fitted with a cleaning interface.

For more detailed information, please refer to our information brochure:

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Capacitive Sensor Systems

SC 7100 wedge-shaped
SC 7200 bar-shaped
SC 7800 circular
SC 7840 cylindrical